PVDF for Industrial 3D Printing

Fluorinar™ PVDF 3D Filament

Amazing Results: Fluorinar-H™ 3D PVDF filament delivers quality prints

Fluorinar-H™ Kynar® 3D PVDF Filament

Nile Polymers is pleased to announce our new Fluorinar-H™ filament made from Arkema’s Kynar® PVDF homopolymer.  Available in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters in a natural color, our 3D printing filament is ideal for printing applications in chemical or high-temperature environments.  Outstanding properties of our Fluorinar-H™ 3D PVDF filament include:

  • Upper use temperature of 150 C
  • Long-term performance in direct contact with HCl, H2SO4, HF and HBr
  • UV resistant for years of sunlight without loss of mechanical properties
  • Low coefficient of friction for exceptional material release
  • Gamma ray sterilization without loss of tensile strength
  • Zero flame spread
  • Ion extraction at ppb levels
  • USP Class VI
  • Lot traceability
  • 100% Kynar® PVDF: no additives, stabilizers, plasticizers, fillers or colorants
  • Full melt compatibility with our Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® Flex PVDF filament

There are no perfect materials for every 3D printing application.  However,  Fluorinar-H™ 3D PVDF filament will provide high-quality prints for prototypes, one-off prints or small production runs. These prints can be used in environments which exceed the capabilities of other 3D filaments.  Fluorinar-H™ parts are made to be used and not stored on the shelf.  When you need Kynar® PVDF, nothing else will work.

Our PVDF filament is a low surface energy material so it does not adhere well to most surfaces.  Print adhesion can be tough to achieve unless you know one thing: Elmer’s disappearing purple glue stick.  Apply a thin layer of PVA adhesive evenly to a clean glass print surface.  Heat the printing bed to 100 C and extrude the Fluorinar™ filament at 240 – 260 C.  Print speed can be set between 20 – 40 mm/s.  Turn off the print surface cooling fans and get ready to see results as good as any other material available today. Video examples of 3D printing with our PVDF filament can be found at the Nile Polymers YouTube Channel. Additional 3D printed PVDF parts are shown on our Fluorinar-H™ product page.

Unlike other advanced polymers, printing with Fluorinar-H™ 3D PVDF filament does not require a heated chamber and can be done on consumer-grade equipment at a material price that won’t break the bank.  Contact us today and order a 500 g spool of Fluorinar-H™ or a 5-meter filament test sample and get ready to expand your printing possibilities.

Additional information about Fluorinar-H™ PVDF filament and PVDF in general can be found on the following pages:


Fluorinar™ PVDF.

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