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PVDF Partnership

Synergy: Stronger together than apart

Fluorinar-H™ Kynar® 3D Filament

Nile Polymers is pleased to announce a joint partnership with 3Dogg.com to distribute Fluorinar™ Kynar® PVDF filaments. This relationship allows customers outside of North America quicker access to Fluorinar™ PVDF filaments. Available in both 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm diameters this is the first Kynar® PVDF filament available to the 3D printing market. “Growth of additive manufacturing is particularly strong in Europe,” said Howard Fisher, president and founder of Nile Polymers. “With so many high-quality 3D printers being manufactured in Europe, it makes sense that demand for engineered-thermoplastic filaments such as PVDF would also be strong.”

While there are many PVDF materials available, Nile Polymers believes that using Kynar® PVDF is very significant. Besides meeting certifications and standards recognized throughout the world, Kynar® PVDF is a recognized tradename across all industries and is synonymous with quality and excellence in fluoroplastics. “While the Kynar® PVDF that we use in our filaments is manufactured in the US, our relationship with 3Dogg.com brings the Kynar® filament back home. Kynar® is a material and trademark owned by Arkema and headquartered in France,” continued Fisher. With a proud history of more than 50 years in diverse industries, Kynar® PVDF is found in critical applications throughout the world.

3Dogg.com is the oldest European distributor for advanced 3D filaments including PEEK, PVDF, ETFE and ECTFE. All of these materials are commonly used to prevent corrosion in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and chemical process industries. “We are amazed at the diversity of our customers and applications that require our filaments,” said Bert Ebus, president of 3Dogg.com. “We are excited to provide them with a consistent source of PVDF filament and look forward to working with Nile Polymers.”

Together, 3dogg.com and Nile Polymers welcome the opportunity of meeting our customer’s 3D printing needs throughout the world.

Fluorinar™ PVDF.

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