SaniConnect™ Kynar® Fittings

SaniConnect™ Kynar® Fittings


What snap lock fittings are currently available?

We currently are injection molding our SaniConnect™ Kynar® PVDF fittings for a 6 mm or 3/16 inch OD tube. These fittings are available in coupling, tee or wye configuration. Each fitting type is sold in ten-unit packages.

How soon will my order ship?

SaniConnect™ fittings are available off-the-shelf and will ship within 24 hours of order placement. If we can’t meet this deadline we will contact you with a revised shipment date.

Can I get a copy of your ISO 13485 certification?

Yes. Our SaniConnect™ fittings are cleaned and packaged at a US facility that follows ISO 13495 manufacturing procedures. Please contact us and we will get this sent out.

Can I get a copy of your Kynar® USP Class VI test report?

Yes. Please contact us and we will get this sent out.

I need to irradiate these fittings for sterilization. How will this affect the snap-lock performance?

Great question! Of all the fluoropolymers available, PVDF performs the best after exposure to ionizing radiation for the purpose of sterilzation. We do not see a problem with this and are currently recommending this practice.