ISO 10993 Milestones

Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® PVDF meets ISO 10993 and USP Class VI standards.

New Material Achievements for Nile Polymers Products

Fluorinar™ Kynar® PVDF FilamentsNile Polymers is pleased to announce that our Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® PVDF filament along with our Strong-Ty™ Kynar® PVDF cable ties have passed the cytotoxicity testing standards for ISO 10993. This important material qualification provides additonal confidence not available in other filament and cable tie products.

Additional information about our Fluorinar-C™ PVDF filament and our Strong-Ty™ Kynar® PVDF cable ties in general can be found on the following pages:

Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® PVDF Filament
Strong-Ty™ Kynar® PVDF Cable Ties

Fluorinar™ PVDF.

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