Kynar® PVDF Filament: Zero Warping

Fluorinar-C™ 2 inch Kynar® PVDF pipe flange.

Unlimited Print Size: Fluorinar-C™ filament with Kynar® PVDF prints flat objects

Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® PVDF Filament with Zero Warping

Nile Polymers is excited to announce our new Fluorinar-C™ filament made from Arkema’s Kynar Flex® PVDF copolymer.  Available in both 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameters, our 3D printing filament is ideal for printing large parts that remain perfectly flat during the printing process and zero warping after cooling. Outstanding properties of our Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® PVDF filament include:

  • PVDF print sizes are only limited by machine print volume or filament length
  • Bottom print layer remains perfectly flat without using brims or rafts
  • No loss of part dimensions due to warping
  • Zero warping due to sharp corners on the printed part
  • Fully compatible with Fluorinar-H™ filament in multi-extrusion printers

Significant design or size limitations that exist for other PVDF filaments are no longer a problem for the Fluorinar-C™. For the first time, printed part sizes are limited by printer build volume or the amount of filament in the spool. The above Schedule 80 2-inch flange with a 6-inch pipe stub was printed with 100% infill and weighs almost 600 g.

Fluorinar-C™ copolymer filament provides high-quality prints for prototypes, one-off parts or small production runs. These prints can be used in environments which exceed the capabilities of other 3D print materials.  Fluorinar-C™ Kynar® filament can also be used as an adhesion layer to help prevent warping in Fluorinar-H™ prints. Video examples of 3D printing with our Fluorinar™ filaments can be found at the Nile Polymers YouTube Channel. Additional 3D printed PVDF parts are shown on our Fluorinar-C™ product page.

Unlike other advanced polymers, printing with Fluorinar-C™ filament can be done on consumer-grade equipment at a material price that won’t break the bank.  Contact us today and order a 1000 g spool of Fluorinar-C™ or a 5-meter filament test sample and get ready to experience something amazing.

Additional information about our Fluorinar™ PVDF filaments and PVDF in general can be found on the following pages:

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Fluorinar™ PVDF.

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