Purisan™ ISO 10993 Mixer

ISO 10993 Mixer

ISO 10993 Testing

The Nile Polymers Fluorostretch™ fluoroelastomer has passed ISO 10993 cytotoxicity testing. Patented by DuPont almost 60 years and sold under the Viton® tradename, the FKM fluoroelastomer is a PVDF and HFP Type I copolymer as defined in the ASTM D1418 standard. Fluorostretch™ fluoroelastomer plays an integral part in the Purisan™ PVDF mixers by preventing contamination and corrosion in the threads which join the powder coated stainless steel shaft with the injection molded impeller.

Besides providing a liquid-tight seal between the PVDF injection molded prop and the PVDF powder coated shaft, Fluorostretch™ allows for quick change out for maintenance or process modifications. Fluorostretch™ fluoroelastomer gaskets are only available in a natural color and contain no additives, colorants or fillers.

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