Purisan™ Kynar® Mixers

Purisan™ Kynar® PVDF Mixers

Purisan™ Kynar® mixers lead the way in custom mixing assemblies

Before Purisan™ Kynar® mixers were available, ordering a high-purity or corrosion resistant mixer was painful process. First you called a mixer company, who manufactured the shaft and impeller. They delivered the completed to a coating company who prepared the surface and applied the coating. All of these steps take time and together create the two plus month delivery schedule typical in this industry. Want to shorten the lead time? That’s an expedited order and will cost extra!

What happens when a maintenance issue arises? More delays. Purisan™ Kynar® PVDF mixers allow for easy repairs and changes. No more waiting around for your next mixer.

Purisan™ Kynar® mixers are unique in an industry of clones. The PVDF injection molded impeller combined with the PVDF coated stainless steel shaft are joined together by a threaded connection.  This impeller assembly can be changed out in a matter of seconds and not weeks. Repairs and upgrades are now simple, easy and routine. Our common thread size allows any of the impellers to easily join with any of the available shaft diameters and lengths. Choose the impeller and shaft size that suits your application and then change them as your processing requirements change. Purisan™ PVDF mixers eliminate the long deliveries associated with the coated mixers of the past and put you firmly in control of your mixer requirements.

Purisan™ PVDF Chemical Mixers Data Sheet
Purisan™ Kynar® Mixers.

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