10,000 hours in Cable Tie Hell

Strong-Ty™ PVDF Solar Cable Ties

Strong-Ty™ Solar Cable Ties: unchanged after long-term UV exposure

Strong-Ty™ Kynar® PVDF Solar Cable Ties

Wire and cable management on the photovoltaic backplane is critical for safety and electrical continuity. Why jeopardize an entire PV installation with cable ties made from substandard polymers such as nylon and polyethylene? Even behind photovoltaic panels, nylon and polyethylene cable ties fail in reflected UV radiation and exposure to zinc chloride. It’s only a matter of time. Start out with the right solar panel cable tie and avoid problems later on. Our Strong-Ty™ solar panel cable tie with Kynar® PVDF is designed for long-term harsh environments.

Arkema, the manufacturer of Kynar® PVDF, has completed a 10,000-hour Xenon arc accelerated weather exposure. The results show that all versions of Kynar Flex® have very little change in either tensile strength or elongation. Strong-Ty cable ties are made from Kynar Flex® are the most UV-resistant cable ties available today.  These ties are an ideal choice for long-term service life in PV installations.

Strong-Ty™ Solar Panel Cable Ties are made with Kynar® PVDF and provide maximum UV resistance for photovoltaic applications

This long-term study exposed our Kynar® PVDF cable ties to UV light produced by xenon arc in a salt-spray environment.   This study builds on a 50-year history of Kynar 500® performance in sunlight at a south Florida testing center.  Video showing test results from this ongoing study can be seen here. Strong-Ty™ cable ties are made from 100% Kynar® PVDF and provide the maximum UV resistance for PV wire and cable management. Available in a natural white color, Strong-Ty™ cable ties do not require the addition of carbon black or other UV inhibitors to provide long-term dependable outdoor performance. Unlike a polyamide or polyethylene cable tie, our solar panel cable tie is made from Kynar® PVDF and provides excellent chemical resistance to long-term salt exposure associated with weathered galvanized steel frames. This zinc chloride salt acts as a stress cracking agent causing rapid failure of polyamide and polyethylene ties.

Additional information about Strong-Ty™ PVDF solar cable ties and PVDF can be found on the following pages:

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Strong-Ty™ Kynar® Cable Ties

Strong-Ty™ Kynar® Cable Ties.

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