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When it comes to manufacturing, transportation and storage of high-purity or corrosive chemicals, fluoropolymers makes the difficult possible. These polymers are the backbone of the pharmaceutical, chemical process, mining, semiconductor and nuclear industries. However, these impressive materials also come at a high price. Fluoropolymers have well-known properties such as low surface energy, excellent chemical resistance, ppb ion extraction levels and high use temperatures. But they are often cost prohibitive and therefore a material of last resort used only for the most severe requirements. In case of a difficult application, break the glass and reach for a fluoropolymer but be prepared for sticker shock.

Nile Polymers has always believed in a different reality. Our goal from the beginning is to provide cost-effective PVDF products for industry without concessions to cheap materials or manufacturing shortcuts. Our Purisan™ Kynar® mixers utilize a clean USP Class VI grade PVDF for both the injection-molded prop and the powder-coated shaft. The Strong-Ty™ Kynar® cable ties and Fluorinar™ 3D printing filaments are also made from PVDF, the best way we know how. Quality without compromise.  Welcome to Nile Polymers!