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Nile Polymers Kynar® PVDF

Nile Polymers loves PVDF. We manufacture 3D filament, cable ties and chemical mixers all from poly (vinylidene fluoride) or PVDF. The presence of fluorine atoms along the polymer chain provides unique properties including wide chemical resistance, high melt temperature, low coefficient of friction, inflammability, in addition to superior toughness and flexibility. This high-purity material also has parts per billion (ppb) extraction levels, resistance to ionizing radiation and excellent long-term performance in applications subjected to steam in place (SIP) or clean in place (CIP) requirements.

We extrude our Fluorinar™ Kynar® PVDF filaments for fused deposition modeling (FDM). Our filaments allow 3D printing of parts for high-purity and aggressive chemical applications and are available in copolymer, black, static dissipation and homopolymer options. Our USP Class VI Purisan™ Kynar® mixers are ideal for demanding applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical process industries. Strong-Ty™ Kynar® cable ties are an excellent choice for applications that require chemical or UV resistance, radiological sterilization or high-purity performance. Thick Kryptonar™ PVDF coatings provide corrosion-resistant surfaces for diverse chemical environments.

Nile Polymers has teamed up with talent from around the world to create our products. Combining high-quality molds, Kynar® PVDF from Arkema and using ISO 13485 manufacturing procedures, our PVDF products represent the best in materials, manufacturing, and packaging found anywhere in the world. Different products and diverse industries all joined together by the proven advantages of poly (vinylidene fluoride) | PVDF | Kynar®.

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