FAQ- Fluorinar™ Kynar® Filament

Fluorinar™ Kynar® Filament
What diameter and color options are available in the Fluorinar™ PVDF filaments?

Fluorinar-C™ 1.75mm & 2.85 mm (white)
Fluorinar-B™ 1.75mm & 2.85 mm (black)
Fluorinar-ESD™ 1.75mm & 2.85 mm (black)
Fluorinar-H™ 1.75mm & 2.85 mm (natural)

How much shrinkage can I expect to see when using Fluorinar™ filaments?

To determine the amount of shrinkage in a printed part we printed examples of the 20 mm XYZ calibration cube. This STL file is available from Thingiverse.
Filament: Fluorinar-C™
Layer Height: 0.2 mm
Infill: 30%
X-axis = 19.80 mm (1.00%)
Y-axis = 19.87 mm (0.65%)
Z-axis = 19.65 mm (1.75%)
Filament: Fluorinar-B™
Layer Height: 0.2 mm
Infill: 30%
X-axis = 19.82 mm (0.90%)
Y-axis = 19.98 mm (0.10%)
Z-axis = 19.91 mm (0.45%)

What length of filament is on the spool?

Our 1.75 mm Fluorinar™ filaments have approximately 785 feet (239 m) while our 2.85 mm Fluorinar™ filaments have 300 feet (91 meters) on each spool.

How soon will my order ship?

All of our Fluorinar™ filaments are off-the-shelf items that will ship within 24 hours of order placement. If we can’t meet this deadline we will contact you with a revised shipment date.

What print parameters should I use for a successful print?

1. Print on a glass bed heated to 100 C.
2. Use a light layer of Elmer’s disappearing purple glue on the glass for adhesion. Other PVA adhesives have not been as effective.
3. Print with a single layer 10 – 15 mm brim attached to the part.  This is not required for Fluorinar-C™
4. Maximize part surface area in contact with the print bed.
5. Set extrusion temperature 250 – 260 C.
7. Layer height can be 0.1 – 0.2 mm.
8. Print speed should be around 20 – 40 mm/s.
9. If the part is small it will help to print in duplicate as the most recent layer on the first part is allowed to cool while the layer on the second part is printing.
10. Fluorinar-H™ likes to run hot. We never use a fan with this material.  When using Fluorinar-C™ for larger prints, a fan can be used to increase print speed up to 70 mm/s.  Keep an eye on things.  If interlayer bonding does not appear to be working then the fan or print speed can be reduced. When printing 3DBenchy with Fluorinar-C™ we run the fan up to 50% in order to get the rod holder and smoke stack features nice and round.

Additional printing guidance can be found here.