Fluorinar-ESD™ Kynar® Filament

Static Dissipation with Fluorinar-ESD™ Kynar® PVDF Filament

Fluorinar-ESD™ Kynar® PVDF Filament for Static Dispation

Static Dissipative Fluorinar™ PVDF filament

Fluorinar-ESD™ Kynar® PVDF 3D Filament for Large PVDF 3D Prints

Fluoropolymers such as PVDF have very high resistivity and are often used as an insulating water in wire and cable applications. The flow of electrons can be improved by the addition of a conductive material to the PVDF such as carbon black. However, a large amount of conductive material must be compounded with the PVDF in order to achieve electrical conductivity. This can result in a high melt flow viscosity creating a brittle material that is difficult to process by extrusion and injection molding

Electrical resistance in PVDF can be greatly reduced without sacrificing production options by incorporating graphene. The result is our Fluorinar-ESD™ Kynar® PVDF filament which can be used to create static dissipative parts while retaining the high-strength and corrosion resistance expected with PVDF.


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