Marine Ties Product Release

Strong-Ty™ Marine Cable Ties: long-term UV resistance with Kynar® PVDF

Marine and boat application for Strong-Ty Kynar PVDF Cable TiesNile Polymers, a leading manufacturer of high-performance cable ties, has expanded the range of industries they serve. Traditionally, cables ties made from Kynar® PVDF have shown durability across the solar and wire management industries. Known for their exceptional UV performance, smoke and flame resistance, and strong chemical resistance, Kynar® PVDF cable ties provide longer-lasting solutions than traditional cable ties made of nylon or stainless steel. Now, these ties are being utilized by the marine and boating industry. Arkema, the manufacturer of Kynar® PVDF resin, has enlisted the help of Nile Polymers to provide Strong-Ty™ cable ties for their own boat fleet. In exposure to continuous sunlight and salt spray, these ties have been in service for over one year and continue to show exceptional performance.  They are expected to have a 25+ year life in the marine environment.


Marine Cable Tie Products Using Kynar®
Strong-Ty™ Kynar® Cable Ties.

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